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What is Smog?

Smog is a combination of fog and smoke.

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What causes smog?3484126852_88c6ddda02.jpg

Some of the causes of smog are cars, factories, trees and wind. Cars cause smog from their exhaust. Factories cause smog when they burn things and release the smoke into the air. Trees give off some pollution but they breathe in carbon dioxide. Wind blows dust and dirt into the air which contributes some particulates.

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Smog Causes

Why is smog a problem?

Smog is a problem because people breathe it and can get sick. Also because it hurts peoples' lungs. It also causes chest pains, coughing, and throat irritation in some people. It’s also bad for people with heart and lung conditions.

Ministry of the Environment-Air-Smog

How could bicycles help reduce smog?

Bicycles can help reduce smog because instead of burning gasoline and other chemicals bicycles are clean. Riding your bike doesn't pollute the air and you're getting exercise!

Ministry of the Environment-Air-Smog


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